An Organizational Effectiveness Model for Private Sector Education

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Blogpost 102:  People Before Vision: Modeling Jim Collins’ Good to Great® Paradox

By David J Waldron

Introduction to A Great Place to Learn & Earn™

In his seminal book, Good to Great (Harper Business), Jim Collins and his research team studied organizations who had transformed from merely good companies to great, legendary enterprises.  The team found several common denominators that were shared by each company studied.   Many of these shared traits were paradoxical or counter to conventional wisdom.  Whereas business books are typically a dime a dozen, Good to Great is considered by many as one of the best ever written.  I am in that camp, and therefore have chosen these key concepts as the basis of this blogpost of A Great Place to Learn & Earn™ to demonstrate how private sector education schools and companies can make the leap to greatness. (Click "Read More" below right)

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