An Organizational Effectiveness Model for Private Sector Education

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Blogpost 101:  Making a Living, Making a Difference™

By David J Waldron

Introduction to A Great Place to Learn & Earn™

In private sector education, unlike virtually all other businesses and organizations, after we sell our customer (enroll a student) we spend the next one to four+ years in the same building and/or online forum with that customer.

During job conversations with family and friends, they often talk about customers and clients who are mostly at arms-length via e-mail, phone, webinar, plane/train/automobile, or, at the closest, a brief visit to their retail establishment.  To the contrary, at a private sector school, college, or university, we spend our workday in the presence of our student customer albeit in the classroom, office, hallway, or on-line platform.  Invariably, it can be an emotional and physical drain countered by an almost unexplainable yet exhilarating feeling of doing a job with a calling far above its monetary reward of a paycheck and benefits package.  We are making a living by making a difference. (Click "Read More" below right)

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